To the Bottom and Back (2BNB) currently operates a FREE bus service running on continuous loops throughout the major arteries of Richmond, VA from 6pm to 3am, Thursday-Saturday. 2BNB bridges the gap between the Fan district, the East End/Downtown, Boulevard and Broad Streets, and aims to fill the void that existing public transportation creates. 2BNB also operates a dedicated Museum route Saturday afternoons from 10AM to 6PM with our evening routes commencing immediately. Features: + FREE bus service throughout the metro Richmond area nightly, Thursday through Saturday + Uses your devices GPS to help pinpoint how far you are from a bus + Map can automatically update bus locations + Quickly displays which routes are currently in service + 2BNB routes include VCU and University of Richmond campuses + Dedicated Museum route Saturday afternoon 2BNB is a FREE service that depends on the donation of our riders. Please visit www.2bnb.org/donate to help!

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