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(English is supported.)LOTS a app for smartphones too?You can quickly find and run faster.Application run-time pre-set volume, WiFi, and can be adjustedSometimes, especially where the long write apps've found many are you?And Autorun when inserting earphoneThis enables you to easily find, can be easily implemented.Voice search, text search support we're all ...When running the first time, a list of app you want to look, what a voice search, text search, you can choose to:app list of names and order, the order of execution times, execution date order, the nickname can be sorted in the order. So you can easily find.In particular, by entering a nickname, it can run at once.In addition, the execution of each application, volume control, WiFI, and can set to turn on.Also, check in Preferences, you may have the ability to delete apps. Siri will work just as easily.[Installation Precautions]1. After installation, perform the first end of navigation app must. (Navigation app for the first time to perform only once.)2. Adding and deleting new apps that are automatically reflected.

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