3D Compass+ (AR Compass)


This application is a compass app with augmented reality view with real time map update, and provides GPS information. It is a fun app to play with and a useful tool when traveling.What customers are saying:? This app is unfreaking believable! I install DirecTv for a living and use this app to point my dishes when tuning! It is amazing accurate and easy to use! Hats off to the softwares developers! 100 Stars.! (Rick)? Love the3d movement and inclusion of google map which also rotates to show direction. Best of the many I’ve tried. (Matt)? This app is excellent in finding GPS coordinates and directions. I need to visit unknown places for mapping purposes and now I find this a great companion. (jky)? I install satellite TV and this has replaced my suunto(azimuth tool) It’s accurate, easy to use and just plain cool! Awesome!!! (Anibal)FEATURES:? 3D compass with augmented reality view? Show reality view, 3D compass, map, coordinates, address and speed in the same view? Support portrait and landscape mode? Auto rotate map according to direction? Show heading and degrees in big font? Show speed and true north direction if GPS is enabled? Show altitude that retrieved from GPS or pressure sensor? Show map/address of current location? Set map transparency? Take screenshots and share with friends? Embed date, time and location Exif tags in the screenshot file? Fast bright with one tap when you are in outdoor? Keep screen on when running? Support marine, rose and artificial horizon compasses? Resize compass or zoom in/out map by pinch gesture? Manual rotation of marine compass by touching?Only as good as your hardware. Beware surrounding metal and magnetic fieldsNo Notification Ads – we don’t use any notification ads.We have been selected as a Google I/O 2011 Developer Sandbox partner, for its innovative design and advanced technology.Credits:? Czech – Ji?í Fila? Polish – Grzegorz Jab?o?ski? Russian – ????? a.k.a. ?????? (IDris a.k.a. MANsur), Ghost-Unit? Slovak – Patrik

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