3g Network Review


3G, short for third Generation, is the third generation of mobile telecommunications technology. 3G telecommunication networks support services that provide an information transfer rate of at least 200 Kbit. However, many services advertised as 3G provide higher speed than the minimum technical requirements for a 3G service. Recent 3G releases, often denoted 3.5G and 3.75G, also provide mobile broadband access of several Mbit/s to smart phones and mobile modems in laptop computers.This app consists of 3G Demonstrations,3G History and Background,3G Uses and Features,About the CDMA2000,Advantages of 3G.Q: Why does it need INTERNET permission?A: This is a free app; we need ads to support our work.Tags:Mobile 3g, 3g review, iphone 3g review, advantage of 3g, 3g Technology, about 3g technology, 3g features, feature of 3g, advantage of 3g,What is 3g, what is 3g Network, What is 3g Technology.

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