4 Kano Moe


Raise the degree of intimacy is the game going to touch her.Touch her << >>Heart is up, Stamina goes down.She will be cranky and less Stamina.And goes to zero Stamina, you will not respond to touch.Stamina will continue to recover and over time.ST recovery will be a little When you click the banana that appears occasionally.More than 100 << >> HeartImage more and more CG, can see will be added.Gift << >>You can only once a day, give a gift to her.Heart is greatly increased when present, Stamina will recover all.>> << TALK modeTALK mode will be available 20 When the SG.ST will be restored If there is a match with her topic.+ Button << >>Set the live wallpaper.Clock Settings >> <<You can view the watch from the menu.

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