After the revolution,where do we go…?I think, the answer is here. This is long seller in AppStore of Japan as "MANGA Hoollywood". Don’t miss the other volumes in Tetsu Kayama’s “Outline of Genesis” series!—–"Volume Four"He’s Copernicus, the Man of Many Eyes…And in a land torn over the conflict between religion and science, there’s nothing his eyes don’t see…“The Church’s suppression forces us to do our work in secret… so two scholars could be conducting the exact same research and not even know it! Here: look at these two men’s work on the behavior of ammonia gases… Do you have any idea how many gas addicts they might have saved?! This small country can’t afford such a wasteful overlap!That’s why we had to tell you all this!”“And yet, it’s the earth that moves…!” (Galileo Galilei)In a day and age when 40% of all elementary school students still believe the earth to be the fixed center of the universe, “the heretical comic artist” Tetsu Kayama proudly presents his latest work!—–Also including the author’s postscript to the chapter,Volume 4/5: 54 pages.————[KEYS:MANGA,COMIC,DOGMA,Bible,Genesis,Copernicus,Protestant Reformation,Science,Chemistry,Ptolemaic system,Copernican theory]

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