99% Number Invisible


The Best Android Application of 2013!Make phone calls and hide your phone number.Called party will see something like:- Private number- Unknown number- Number not available- Withheld number- etc…If it’s not working:- Menu button -> Problem -> select different prefix- Call your operator and ask what prefix to use and insert it in Menu button -> Problem -> Enter New Prefix- May be your operator not allow that option at all :-(- Remember – this is free app!Also try:Phone Settings -> Call settings -> Additional settings/ Caller IDPhone Settings-> Call settings-> Caller IDSelect – Hide numberIf it’s working:- ENJOY!!! :-)Please remember that it’s illegal to spoof your phone number or your Caller ID for fraudulent purposes. This is your responsibility to not use it for fraudulent purposes.-Call from Contact List.-Use Menu Button.-When dialed number is empty – click Connect Call Button for Menu.-To delete last wrong dialed digit – click Disconnect Call Button.

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