A step to Aikido 1 move DEMO


Full version has 22 techniques with video and 147 photographs. Any queries please email support (at) viplondon (dot) com-I am Ondrej Malina, I am now 5th Dan and a professional teacher with my own DoJo with over 200 members. The video and photos has been exclusively shot for this application. From 2005, I have also been acting as a stuntman in films such as Wanted starring Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy.Other films I have been in include Solomone Cane, Henry IV and Mission Impossible 4. I started in 1987. My first teachers were Stefan Stenudd, Georgio Veneri, Daniel Vaillant, and now I follow Franck Noel, Joel Roche and Endo sensei including my original Teacher Stefan. From 1993 until 2003 I was President of the Czech Aikido Federation. From 2004 onwards, every year, I visit Japan to study the roots of Aikido. I also run Demonstrations and Seminars in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and France. With Aikido you have structure and yet freedom to express your own understanding of the Art. I hope you enjoy what we have created for you and look forward to helping you during your own journey. You can find more information here www.AsteptoZ.com or on my own website www.aikidokarlin.orgThis great app (600K 0.6MB, called ‘A step to Aikido’ once installed) allows you to download 147 great photos explaining 22 videos which show the moves in full swing.Importantly it shows you in closeup (through the use of the zoom setting) where your hands should be move by move. You can clearly see the position the body has to take as well. You can manually browse each move or set it to auto. After watching each video each key point within the move is captured at the best angle possible so you can clearly see the progress of each move. We strive to help you improve your knowledge and if you feel you have any useful suggestions or need explanation please do not hesitate in contacting us at support(at)viplondon(dot)comtry the demo free! Download the demo first to check it works on your phone. Android 1.6 or higher.- already installed on HTC Wildfire, msm7230, Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy S2 , Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Droid Charge, HTC Desire HD, SEMC Xperia X10, HTC G2, Samsung Galaxy Tab, GT-P1010, Samsung Galaxy Mini, HTC Legend-You will be prompted to download first images which will be saved to your SD drive-Then you will be prompted to download the video which will aslo be saved to your SD drive.- The size of the images file is about 8 MB and the size of the video file is about 22MB- We recommned therefore that a wireless connetion is available. Once you have downloaded the files the app will work – When opening the app you will presented with an alphabetical list of 22 moves. – Tap on one and it will open an image gallery and the first step in the move or set to auto – Tap to right or left of the image to move to the next or previous image – If you want to zoom into an image press menu/zoom then hold your finger in the centre of the image and move it upwards to zoom in and downwards to zoom out – If you wish to view the video related to each move press menu/video – In settings you can also control how long the picture gallery remains on the screen and the interval between images if set to auto

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