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Free, with unobtrusive ads :).A-to-Z (A to Z) Notes is a type of notes archive (we also call it reference), with simple, yet highly effective grouping system: all the notes are added to a Letter of an Alphabet. This way, you can easily find your note, months after you put it there, enough that you know what it is about. We used to have such system on PC, applied as part of the GTD, in the form of folder/files.Application is not as advanced in terms of design and functions, as, example, the Springpad (R), but that was not the aim of it.UI is very convenient, simple, just all u need to quickly write-n-go.Important: due to lack of time and not big support (few ratings), we’ll probably stop development of A-to-Z (A to Z) Notes for the time being. It does what it says, for now it’s enough.Tips:+ click "menu" in view mode to protect your note with a passwordPlease, write any questions/suggestions/bugs to ksasdk@gmail.com, or http://andtek.blogspot.com.Anything ? 🙂

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