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A collection of educational games, developing speech skills, logic and attention. In Russian. Good for children training in Russian languageChildren will have fun dressing a girl Varya for a walk, defining features of different seasons, leanings names of animals and their cubs, and determining directions to the right and to the left.The collection consists of 5 games:1. Dress Vary for a walk according to the weatherThe girl Varya is going for a walk. You need to determine what the weather is outside and help Varya to dress properly.2. The seasonsAn artist painted a landscape, but confused seasons. You need to find all the errors in the picture and fix them.3. Heads and tailsWhile Varya and Buka walked, someone cut their pictures of animals. You need to restore the images. The reward is cheerful rhymes.4. Mothers and cubsA player have to lay tracks from cubs to their mothers. For example, from the calf to the cow, from the lamb to the sheep, etc. The game helps children to remember the names of domestic animals and their cubs.5. Help a puppy to get homeThe puppy lost his way. Help it to find his way home listening to the voice prompts. The game helps to learn difficult for children concepts of «right» and «left».Game features:• Bright pictures• Attractive animated heroes• Funny poems• Voiced by professional actors• Games have a lot of options• Good for children training in Russian language.• For children from 3 to 6 years. • Key words: children, preschool, educational game, educational game for little kids, logic, attention, memory, cheerful company.For tablets with screens from 7” (Android 3.0 and above)

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