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A Workout Checklist is an app designed to help you manage your workouts. It keeps track of which excerces you have completed during your workout and your overall progress. At the beginning of each Workout, you can reset the Workout Checklist so that none of the excercises are marked as 'completed'. Once you complete an excercise, simply tap it to mark it complete. It'll turn green with a big checkmark so you know it's done. Once you've done all the exercises in a Workout, the Workout itself will turn green with a big checkmark. That makes it really easy to what you've done so far. You can also record your weight and body measurements and view your progress graphically using reports you can define yourself. There's also a stopwatch with a big easy-to-read display and 3 programmable countdown timers with ringtones. Features:- Define an unlimited number of Workouts- Each Workout has a title and description- Define up to 4 exercises for each Workout (unlimited when you purchase the 'Unlock' version)- Each Workout has a checklist showing all the excercises in the Workout- The checklist lets you check each exercise as 'completed' with a big green checkmark once you've done that exercise- Once all the exercies are marked as 'completed', the Workout turns green asl well so you know the entire Workout is done- You can reset the status of an exercise, a Workout or all Workouts quickly and easily - great for when you're starting the Workout in the gym- Includes a stopwatch with a reset functuon and large display- Includes a countdown timer with a large display that allows you to set the starting time to whatever you want- Includes 3 programmable countdown timers (you can set the starting time and ringtone for each timer - only available when you purchase the 'Unlock' version)- Includes the ability to enter your measurements and weight on a regular basis. These measurements and weight can be viewed on a graph so you can see your progress visually (only available when you purchase the 'Unlock' version)- Includes a Body Mass Index (BMI) calcualtor (only available when you purchase the 'Unlock' version)- Works in Imperial (U.S.) or Metric units for the measurements and BMI- You can purchase the 'Unlock' here AndroidMarket

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