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Decorate with a letter application but there are many photos taken, only the "ABC" Camera app that can be placed freely characters are traced with a finger! !You can decorate with a letter or as a circle with a letter, and can change the size of the characters in the swipe speed, were traced with a finger on the screen.* Character to draw fluently and photos with one finger* To alter the size of the characters in the speed trace, or draw freely by the size of the fixed* 38 types of fonts available (only alphabet fonts)Select a background image.Type the characters you want to draw two.Been set for the three-letter color or size.Try to draw a character with your finger traced the screen.* Attempts to re-draw press the Back button on the screen if it fails. (Back button will move to the left and right)* Once you have saved, try to share with friends in the Mail and Facebook!Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc. 1. Can not you use?answer: You may be able to enter will appear in the font of the terminal settings.Two. Illustration fonts you want to know what comes out patternWe'll send you updates with the latest correspondence table of Font de answer.Back Button 3. Can not move from side to sideGo to the right if the left is the back button, click the triangular button on the right button: answer.The first letter of 4. Is small! !answer: the first letter of the big draw trick is to try to screen your fingers traced to strikes.(All possible input) alphabet(You can enter in most fonts) number(Can be entered with some fonts, but the default font Japanese)(Can enter in some fonts) Latin(Can enter in some fonts) Greek(Can enter in some fonts) Cyrillic(Can be entered by default font only Dark-Garden/polsku/SketchLogs) Korean(Can be entered with some fonts, but the default font) Chinese

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