ABC of Dermatology


ABC of Dermatology gives a concise overview of all the essentials of dermatology for non-dermatologists. It is particularly useful in primary care, and is an excellent introduction to dermatology for nurses and medical students. Rather than systematic description of numerous skin conditions that can overwhelm the non-specialist, a few common conditions are used as a basis for comparison with less common skin diseases. Some sections such as systemic disease and the skin, cutaneous immunology, and practical procedures are less suitable for this approach and are covered in a more didactic manner. This latest update is based on the 5th edition with additional features, enhanced functionality and ongoing updates! – With over 250 full color illustrations this bestselling resource covers the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions for the non-dermatologist – Including new sections on drug rashes, connective tissue disease, skin tumors, practical procedures, laser treatments and a practical guide to dressings and bandages, this highly illustrated resources is invaluable resource for GPs, GP registrars, junior doctors, medical students and primary care nurses – Provides a basic understanding of pathological processes which explains the characteristic features of skin diseases – A straightforward approach to investigations and diagnoses in addition to the latest advances in the management of skin disease – Sections cover: topical dermatology, the sun and the skin, genetics and infections, and dermatology in general practice – Sets out the main types of clinical change that occur in and on the skin, and relates this to specific skin conditions and underlying pathological changes – Summarizes the relevant pathological processes, diagnostic features and learning points

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