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*** LITE VERSION HAS LETTERS A-M, NO ADS****** Please support us by buying the full version ****** THANK YOU! ***Compatible with Smartphone's and tabletsABC's with Jake provides children between the ages of 1 & 6 with hours of educational fun as they learn their alphabet! This app is comprised of three intuitive & interactive mini games with a unique spin. Do you live in a bilingual or trilingual environment? ABC's with Jake allows children to choose from any of the following 4 languages: English, French, Spanish or Italian. Visually appealing and colorful graphics, a cute mascot, an instructive and easy-to-use interface and catchy tunes are the key ingredients making this app an excellent one for stimulating learning and development. Mini-game #1:- "Practice ABC’s" lets the child touch and hear the letters of the alphabet. This practice-level is the easiest of the three mini-games. Once the alphabet lesson complete, your child will earn a gold star! Repeat the lesson and earn more stars! Mini-game #2:- "Catch ABC’s" has children controlling a school bus (by tilting the phone left and right) to catch the letters as they come down the road. Children are granted 2 gold stars once they catch them all! What's more, there are no obstacles on the road and children cannot "drive off the screen". The objective is for them to gather all the letters in a fun, encouraging way! Mini-game #3:- In "Find ABC’s", Jake asks children to look for specific letters as they appear on the screen. Our mascot also cheers children on with every correct answer! The level of difficulty increases as children progress in this game, for which three gold stars are handed once the level is complete! This final mini-game helps children identify and recognize the letters.

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