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*This is not an officially endorsed or licensed product and all images and audio are the copyright of Oddworld Inhabitans, Inc.**To enable animations, please go to the options menu and enable Animations. Currently only Abe and Scrab*Gamespeak from the original Oddworld Abe's Exoddus; featuring Abe, Slig, Glukkon, Scrab and Paramite.Select a character from the Gamespeak menu then press a sound's name to play the sound.Using the back button/Exit returns to the Gamespeak Menu.Using the Menu button allows you to Select a character/return to the Gamespeak Menu, choose Settings or view Help.You can also register a notification via the Menu, when on a character page. The sound is copied to the SD Card then added to your Notification menus in Settings.*You need to set the notification from the Settings menu of your device, after registering it through the app***Follow @BongoWizard on Twitter for all the latest updates and discussions.**Coming soon:-Glukkon/Paramite Animations-Music-Abe's Oddysee Gamespeak-Munch's Oddysee Gamespeak-Set notification directly***CHANGE LOG***V5.1-Optimised images to reduce crashes-Option to reduce frame rate. Please use this if you still keep experiencing crashing on the Slig animationsV5.0 Beta-New notification system and Feedback options-Press Menu, then Feedback to give instant Feedback-Press the notification bar at the bottom of the screen for instant updates on the app-Slig animations addedV4.1-Added Depressed Mudokon, Mudokon Laugh, Abe's Laugh, Sick Mudokon, Abe fall noise-Accessed via Mudokon faces on the left of the screen.-Complete Abe Animations-Stablised animations and bug fixes-Move to SD Card enabled-Sound files compressed-Settings menu added-Gamespeak for all characters

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