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Everything you get from a traditional test prep book PLUS one-on-one instruction covering all the math on the ACT.**"I just love YourTeacher and the way you explain things. I felt like I was in a classroom instead of just looking at examples."Diane"I am needing prep work for my daughter's ACT. It's been very helpful and I do like how it's set up. The lessons are very clear and understandable - I wish I had this when I was in school!!"Ann"My daughter, who's a junior, is using Your Teacher to prepare for the ACT in the spring. She loves the interactive, go at your on pace style of Your Teacher. I absolutely love the program and certainly would and have recommended it."Sonya**Need more than practice problems to get ready for the ACT…YourTeacher’s ACT Math Prep Course covers the exact math you need to know to ace the ACT. Our app includes everything you would get in a traditional ACT test prep course (i.e. practice problems), but ALSO includes the one-on-one instruction you need to truly learn math.Our lessons include:-Multiple video example problems(similar to how a teacher starts class at the board by explaining the examples from the textbook)-Interactive practice problems with built-in support(similar to how a teacher assigns practice and walks around the class providing help)-A Challenge Problem(similar to how a teacher assigns a higher level problem which students must work on their own to prove mastery)-Extra problem worksheets(similar to how a teacher assigns additional problems for homework)-Review notes(similar to how a teacher provides summary handouts or refers you to your textbook)******ACT Math Prep App - Scope and SequenceYourTeacher’s ACT Math Prep App covers the exact math you need to ace the ACT. CHAPTER 1: INTEGERSAddition and SubtractionMultiplication and DivisionOrder of OperationsEvaluationAbsolute ValueCHAPTER 2: FRACTIONSDivisibility RulesFactors and PrimesPrime FactorizationMultiples and Least Common MultiplesGreatest Common FactorIntroduction to FractionsEquivalent Fractions (Part I)Lowest TermsEquivalent Fractions (Part II)Improper Fractions and Mixed NumbersComparing Proper FractionsComparing Mixed Numbers and Improper FractionsLeast Common MultipleAddition and SubtractionMultiplication and DivisionOrder of OperationsEvaluationAbsolute ValueCHAPTER 3: DECIMALSUnderstanding DecimalsComparing DecimalsRounding DecimalsLong DivisionDividing Decimals by Whole NumbersDividing Decimals by DecimalsPowers of TenConverting from Scientific to Standard NotationConverting from Standard to Scientific NotationCHAPTER 4: EXPRESSIONS AND EQUATIONSCombining Like TermsDistributive PropertyDistributive / Like TermsOne-Step EquationsTwo-Step EquationsEquations with FractionsEquations Involving DistributiveVariable on Both SidesVariable on Both Sides / FractionsVariable on Both Sides / DistributiveEquations with DecimalsEquations with Fractional SolutionsBeginning FormulasAdvanced FormulasCHAPTER 5: WORD PROBLEMSModeling Two-Step EquationsNumber ProblemsConsecutive Integer ProblemsGeometry ProblemsValue ProblemsIntroductory Motion ProblemsAdvanced Motion ProblemsCHAPTER 6: INEQUALITIES, ABSOLUTE VALUE, FUNCTIONS, & GRAPHINGCHAPTER 7: LINEAR EQUATIONSCHAPTER 8: SYSTEMS OF EQUATIONSCHAPTER 9: EXPONENTS & POLYNOMIALSCHAPTER 10: FACTORINGCHAPTER 11: RATIONAL EXPRESSIONS & EQUATIONSCHAPTER 12: RADICALS & QUADRATICSCHAPTER 13: PROBABILITY & STATISTICSCHAPTER 14: INTRODUCTION TO GEOMETRYCHAPTER 15: PARALLEL LINES & POLYGONSCHAPTER 16: RATIO, PROPORTION, & PERCENTCHAPTER 17: RIGHT TRIANGLESCHAPTER 18: CIRCLESCHAPTER 19: MEASUREMENTCHAPTER 20: ADVANCED AREA & VOLUME(Wifi or 3G connection required)ACT is the registered trademark of ACT, Inc. YourTeacher has no affiliation with ACT, Inc., and the YourTeacher ACT app is not approved or endorsed by ACT, Inc.

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