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Download absolutely free the ActivaCentral app for a limited time only! ActivaCentral is the personalized mobile application extension to the 3D collaborative portal (please, visit). It is a link for those concerned about their health and wellbeing that can be used as an integrative application but more importantly as a monitoring device, communication tool for patient-clinician services, or data gathering systemfor researchers. ActivaCentral has many great features; here are a few of them:• Full integration with 3D portal where you can enjoy 200 MB free storage and transmission.• 3D personalized environments (choose your favorite)• Integration of your many personalized mobile applications (email, social networks,online phone, search, etc…)Health Monitoring Tools (bluetooth connection to spirometers, pulsioximetry, ….)o Supported pulse oximeters:§ Nonin 4100 Bluetooth§ Nonin Wrist Ox2 3150 Bluetootho Supported spirometers:§ NDD EasyOne with Bluetooth craddle 2010BLTHealth related information from reliable sourcesIt is important to remember that with ActivaCentral you can communicate, capture, share and interact with others that care via your professional networks. You can enhance this service through diaries, questionnaires, communication and interaction tools, along with biometric data from sensors (i.e. medical sensors), via your personal health record.Communications: Be in contact through our user-friendly message service. You can review (Phone, SMS, e-mails, and Skype) and manage your contacts.Networking: With ActivaCentral you will be able to manage from a single environment your main social networks accounts. PIM: Activa Central provides powerful tools for controlling your programmed events though a complete calendar tool.Media: Gain very quick and intuitive access to the phone camera, the multimedia gallery, the music player, YouTube and a set of Internet music stations.Hurry up! This trial version will be available only for a limited time! Please visit for more information and to submit your comments/ideas. Thanks

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