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This is the ads supported version of the Popular Active Apps which is also a replacement for Samsung Task Manager / Program Monitor that come with Samsung Touchwiz Launcher that works with any launchers. It has several features not available on this version, for more information on what is not available, you can check the Help File from the menu in the application. Important Notice: There is a built-in mechanism to prevent updating widget when you are not on your home screen to save battery. This in turn also cause no of active apps not showing up correctly. e.q. There is active apps shown on widget but when you open up it's not there. To prevent this from happening you can turn the update to 10 seconds or lower( Lower might consume a bit more battery ). 15 / 10 would be the most appropriate. Please email me instead if you have this kind of issue, i won't be able to reply from the comments. Thanks. As the concept is different from other Task Manager/Task Killer, Please read the Get Starting Guide and About Active Apps to get a better understanding on how it works. Here is the description: Active Apps is an application which monitor an unusual activity that consumes battery or tracking the application that has been put on standby mode. This is important because some application might not be coded properly. Therefore, even though it has been put on standby mode (Pressing Home) they are still running, eating CPU and hence your device's battery. E.q. browser and gallery apps in the Early Galaxy Tab rom even though it's closed or stand by, it's still consuming battery. However, the scenario is not limited to only Samsung Galaxy tab. Generally, it applies to all android phone. How does it differ from other task manager? Unlike other task managers, which shows irrelevant applications, Active apps is simple. It only shows programs that have tasks running and possibly consuming CPU. Therefore at one glance you can decide what to do.Features:- Tracking application that has been put on standby and running (I called them Active Apps).- Easy Switch tasks for Active Application from Main Application or Widget- Widget to show Number of Active Applications running which may consume CPUs/Battery- Provide package manager to manage your installed application(Faster than stock Application Manager). - Provide views of Ram, Apps that using RAM and free ram function.- Provide view of Storage both internal SD and external SD, data and database.- Provide theme capability - More theme coming soon -- Provide UI Customization. You can mix and match color to find your desire look.- Provide 1x1, 1x2 Active Application widget and 1x1, 1x2 Active Ram widget with stylish and beautiful pop up style. - Provide a flexible customization on many areas of the application and widgets.Featured on Xda-Developers: you have any issues pertaining to the application, kindly send me an email at Changes in v1.3.5- Switching pages is now much more smoother.- Adding help files on changing widget theme.- Fix default Active Apps Widget color not matching. - Change the default widget size from 14dip to 13dip as it's too small. Changes v1.3.1.- Auto load Packages on Package Manager. The load button is now replaced to perform sort.- Active Apps Page can now be sorted based on App name or CPU Usage, you can set it under setting. - Correct some typo errors. - Under Storage Page, Auto Hide information for phones that don't have personal data and external storage.Hope you guys like this release. :)

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