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Quantify exercise intensity and classify by type using your handset accelerometers. Activity information is presented live in Google Fusion Tables as demonstrated at Aerobic intensity is measured in MET which is more meaningful than step counting with a pedometer. Optionally, Google My Tracks is started when intensive walking or running is detected to record exercise with more detail. This information can be used to:-Provide information on total exercise, health and activity levels.Automate exercise tracking.Infer further lifestyle information by combining with other information sources, for example location data.Activity Classifier draws less from your battery than pedometer apps as it has a 20% duty cycle. Power consumption is lower than Cell standby and Phone idle during testing shown in the sample screenshot.Classification accuracy is increased if the accelerometers are calibrated. To do this, lay the phone flat on a level surface and touch the "Start Calibration now" entry on the settings screen. After completion place the handset on the long edge and repeat.Select the "Keep Accelerometer On" option if you get a faulty accelerometer message too often. This will increase battery consumption but is necessary for the Xperia X10 and some other handsets. If you still regularly get a faulty accelerometer message in the task bar then your handset doesn't allow the accelerometers to function when the screen is off as discussed at and this app will not be useful.To see your activities on-line authorise access to Google Docs (Fusion Tables only) by touching the authorise request in the task bar to see your activities in two Fusion Tables. One has a full data set and the other is a subset of the first and intended to be shared with friends or published. The summary table is hyper-linked from the top of the activity list. Activity graphs as seen at are best viewed in a desktop browser as the SVG graphs do not display in most Android browsers.Permissions:-Modify SD card contents - Used for "Copy Database to SDcard" command. Database can be viewed with Root Explorer app.Your location, MyTracks - Used for controlling the MyTracks app. MyTracks must be installed first. MyTracks uses location, this app doesn't.System Tools - Prevent phone from sleeping so as app can monitor activity when the screen is off.Read phone state and identity - Learn data connection state.Network communication - Used to upload activity data to Google fusion tables.Your accounts - Used to connect to your Google fusion tables after in app authorisation.

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