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Adaptxt – Intelligent keyboard for FAST and smart typing in over 100 languages and industry specific dictionaries.!!!READ what the Press has to say about ADAPTXT!!!1)***KEY FEATURES***1) Easy Keyboard Customization2) Change Keyboard Color ANYTIME3) Supports Over 75+ languages worldwide4) 39 industry-specific dictionaries (Legal, Business, Medical) 5) Also available for our tablet users at:** Read our 5 Star Reviews users gave us**1)Seán Callum – – HTC Desire HDGreat alternative to the default keyboard. Its a much better tablet app because it gives you an easier typing interface on larger tablets.2) A Google User – HTC One S with version V0.9Way better than factory keyboard. Download this… Immediately3) A Google User – Motorola Droid X2 with version V0.9I have finally found the PERFECT keyboard! I have tried a lot of other keyboards in Google Play but this is the best one. Adaptxt Keyboard really does know what I want to type! MILESTONE X23) Divya madhuri — Samsung Galaxy S3OMG, this is awesome.create my own themes and change the key size is exactly what I needed…this is sooooooo coooool!!*** Detailed Key Features***

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