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AddYourTemplate allows you to use templates and has a "quick add"-entryfield.If you are working on shifts and want to enter your weekly schedule with just one click - use AddYourTemplate.If you have regular meetings, which are not always on the same day or at the same time - use AddYourTemplate to add them to your calendar with just two clicks.If you want to add an event to your calendar, just type something like "Meeting with Tom, Friday, 10-11" and hit enter. No fiddling with buttons, options etc. It's almost as fast as your old paper calendar ;-).AddYourTemplate is a powerful tool for heavy calendar users. It works with the Google Calendar and all apps, which make use of it (like Business Calendar, Jorte, aCalendar etc.). It's fully integrated into Pure Calendar Widget.** If you like AddYourTemplate, please buy AddYourTemplate (Donate) and support the development **Please mail me your feedback! Sorry: The Samsung SGS2 with ICS is working different than other ICS devices and is not supported now ###** Notice: The app was formerly named Quick Addroid, but not affiliated with Addroid® **

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