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Calendar itself is a very powerful tool about notifications and GTD just at the right time. However its maintenance sometimes becomes very sophisticated and then leads you to a situation when you find yourself in lack of time to organize your agenda or as it often happens – simply in laziness:)So! The less time you will waste on adding events – the better experience you’ll have. This is not just a regular event inserter app, this is the constructor which will give all the instruments to make your interaction with calendar easy comfortable and insanely fast because it will work the way you need. The Idea is simple – Create your own presets with unique combination of elements with pre-defined settings for notifications, date, time, event colors etc. So in one hand we have powerful easy-to-use controls and in the other – a set of user-defied values. These precise templates open up the possibility to create events with just a couple of taps without filling out complicated forms and jumping through many input boxes. Feel the difference in your time management with Advanced Events app and unveil the potential of perfectly organized calendar with its help.—"Advanced Events" works with Google Calendar and with any other configured on your device. Supported Languages: English Russian

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