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by On January 19, 2011
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Implemented NATO algorithms form their published research on computerized voice stress analysis.  I make no claims as to the accuracy of their algorithms.* Critical Band based Teager Energy Operator autocorrelation envelope area algorithm (TEO-CB-Auto-Env).* Adjustable playback accuracy for faster phones.* Graphical Stress display of captured speech.* Playback analysis speed adjustment from 25% - 100%* First attempt at fixing Force Close on Samsung Galaxy devices.Note: The algorithms are supposed to detect stress that is often present when someone tells you a lie and fears being caught. If you are not stressed, then it will detect nothing. Therefore, it would be counter-productive to use it on yourself as a lie-detector. Perhaps using it on someone else would be a better idea.Furthermore, please be aware that this app uses research published by NATO. I make no claims as to the accuracy of the stress/lie detection capabilities of their algorithms. I have only implemented one particular algorithm (TEO-CB-Auto-Env), as I was curious if real world results would match their lab test results. Feel free to read their research results and come to your own conclusion. I hope you guys enjoy this application.  I cannot respond to comments, so if you want me to fix it on your phone, send me an e-mail.  If you want to encourage further development, then leaving a positive comment would help.

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