AEGO Changes Photo Frame Widge


Turn your mobile into a digital frame!!!.Add the application as follows:In the home screen put the menu button. Select Add -> Widgets -> AEGO frame …..or you can on the home screen, press and hold free anywhere and select Widgets -> AEGO frame …..Features:-Sizes:1×1,2×2,3×3,4×4.-Transition effects between photos.-Can add picture effect("GrayScale"," Sepia", "Soft green", "Soft blue", etc.-Counting the motives nearly 250 configurations frames!!With the extension 400 Diferents configurations .(Link Aego Frame Extension(High resolution Frames) (a kind of sub-frame).-Photo Quality selection.- Ligth app.-Photo auto change 5,10,15,20,etc sec.-Order ramdom option.This is the free version, if you liked it, you can get the donation version now for only 0´99E! you find a bug(fail or problem) or have a suggestion please send an email i can’t respond commentsFrame , photo , image , effect , change , changes , kid , love , picture , cool ,funny , widget , family , galery , tool , for ,Olympic games

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