Agility City


The new update is here! Collect stars to unlock new dogs, tracks and extra features.Use a teleport when falling into a pit and save your dog! Game Over? Never! Resurrect your dog to play more! DOGS: * Jack Russell terrier * Welsh Corgi * Border Collie * Boxer TRACKS: * Shanghai League * Medieval Challenge * Alpine Adventure * Night Fishing * Space Race * Pacific Express Beat your friends at OpenFeint with 3 lives and a possibility of resurrection!Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be an agility dog? Now you have the unique opportunity to find out. The agility course that you will take is challenging, as the difficulty gradually increases. Jump over, crawl under and avoid any obstacles while you run faster and faster. Although the course never ends there are many achievements you can attain and publish, along with your score, on Facebook. FEATURES: * Collect starts to unlock new dogs and tracks* Use a teleport to avoid pitfalls* Resurrect your dog on Game Over* Optimized for all Android phones and tablets* Addictive gameplay * Hi-res loveable graphics (all resolutions are supported) * Great music * Multiple achievements to unlock * Increasing difficulty * Share your score with friends on Facebook * Your score and achievements are displayed at OpenFeint

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