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!!--> HOW IS THE INSULATION IN YOUR HOUSE <--!!Do you think, you need more insulation for your house?Are you concerned about your electric or gas bill for this winter?How much heating do you need to warm your house?Do you know about R-Values for your geographic area?What about your cooling? Does your house stays too hot in the summer? It is not getting cooled? You seem to be throwing away good money at heating and cooling bills? You are thinking about a new air conditioner or heater or insulating areas of your house?If you are concerned or have any questions about any of the above, help is here. !! !! !!Now, for less than a dollar, you can get all the answers to your questions about heating, insulation and cooling. Let this calculator help you get the right information for your heating, cooling and insulation needs. This calculator can help you decide if you want to have a contractor do your heating. cooling, insulation needs or if you can do it by yourself. The tool also has the ability to save all your calculations and email them to your friends or contractors. App features:✔✔ 8 GREAT TOOLS IN ONE APP *****✔ BTU CALCULATOR✔ INSULATION CALCULATOR✔ HEATER CALCULATOR✔ CONVERSIONS CALCULATOR✔ ADD NOTES✔ : ** R-VALUE MAP *****✔ ELECTRIC GARAGE HEATER ✔ : ** Insulation Fact sheet (bonus)✔✔ SPECIAL FEATURES- Email any of the saved calculations- All calculators have price features including labor hours.- All calculators list the material price, labor price and total price.- Set up Tolerance (from 1 to 100) value globally for all calculators.- All calculators display both actual and the tolerance values.- Email any of the saved calculations- customization, choose between different insulation material for insulation, insulation type for heater✔✔ GLOBAL FEATURES- Save unlimited calculations for each of the calculators.- Elaborate help screen- Configuration screen to configure default labor rates for different calculators- Associate a location/name with each project- Saved Data list calculated values, location, price, material price, total cost and pictures- Save as many notes as you want✔✔ FEATURES ✔ CONFIGURE: Key in default labor rates, tolerance values, UOM (metrics or standard)✔ PROJECTS: This screen lists all the saved Calculations with the latest one displayed first. ✔ BTU: Calculate BTU units for a given room, choose surroundings, exposure, insulation, kitchen areas. Save the calculation.✔ INSULATION: Key in wall dimensions, multiple doors and multiple windows, choose between blown and rolls type of insulation. Calculator gives the total area needed for insulation along with the applicable prices, choose distance between studs for blown insulation. Save the calculation.✔ R-VALUE: Provides a map with different zones and their corresponding R-values. Also provides different insulation values for the zones..✔ HEATER CALCULATOR: Choose insulation type, the temperature to heat to increase to, room dimensions. Calculator gives the total cubic feet of the room, BTU's needed to heat the room, WATTs needed. Save the calculation.✔ CONVERSION: Convert between 7 different types and convert to one another. Convert cm into inches, ft into meter, etc. ✔ INSULATION FACT SHEET: This is a web site from the Dept of Energy that gives the R- Value recommendation based on your location and the house statistics. Easy to use.✔ ADD NOTES: Simply choose the type of notes, add your notes and tap save to save. Saved notes can always be retrieved at any time through the Data Screen.✔ ELECTRIC GARAGE HEATER: Simply choose your garage type and tap calculate to see the required BTU's/hr and watts needed for to heat your garage.

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