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ANDLABS brings to you the most simple, intuitive and lightweight file manager for Android devices.The AL File Manager helps you to access and manage all the files on your SD-card.Features: + Browse your Device + Open files + Move files + Delete files + Rename files + Send files via facebook, Gmail, MMS, … + Create new Folders + Simple and intuitive forward-/back- navigation + Can be seamlessly integrated into other apps like GMail or the SMS/MMS app in the way you are used to it when using common browsers like OI File Manager or Astro File Manager.In other words: Manage your phone!How to use: + You can move, send, rename or delete files by longpressing the according item in the file manager’s overview. + You can create a new folder by tabbing "New Folder" in the folder of your choice (it will be created there) + You can navigate back and forth through your filesystem by pressing the button directing to the left, respectively right. + By pressing the hardware menu button you can * Send us feedback * Exit the File Manager (you can also do so by pressing back a couple of times) * View the FAQPlease e-mail us any bugs, feature requests or criticism.Thank you.

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