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Alarm Clock 3 is an easy to use and reliable Music Alarm Clock with 3 customizable alarms, waking you up optionally with alarms or ring tones of your phone or with music of your own music collection. All basic alarm settings are easily accessible with a single screen touch. For testing and checking the sound settings and alarm volumes you can quickly playback the alarms from main screen.Alarm Clock 3 respects your privacy: Our Music Alarm Clock does not require any rights for internet access and is free of advertising banners!Features of Music Alarm Clock 3 (free Version): For each of the three alarms you can independently configure the:- alarm time,- music title, alarmtone or ringtone,- loudness / sound volume- fade in and fade out- phone vibration- alarm duration: one title or 1-20 min- alarm repetition: run the alarm just ones or repeat it every day or repeat it on single or multiple weekdays- enable snooze and set snooze delay: 3-50min- auto snooze (reasonable for very short music tracks or alarm tones, e.g. with enabling auto-snooze you might let the cock crowing every 5 or 10 minutes in the morning).Switch-off alarms or snooze by double click (to prevent accidental switch-off).The background of Music Alarm Clock 3 is dimmable from translucent to completely black. The analogue clock of the Music Alarm Clock can optionally be disabled.Since V1.0 Music Alarm Clock 3 provides an additional timer setup menu. This new menu pops up instead of the Alarm Time setup menu after long pressing the alarm time button. It only pops up if alarm repetition is disabled (setting "Do not repeat alarm" in alarm preferences).Additional features of the Music Alarm Clock 3+/Pro-Version (release upon of the success of the Alarm Clock 3 free version):- clock widget instead of the icon- more than 3 alarms configurable- randomly or continuously playback of music tracksNotice:1. No Alarm when the device is turned off:Like every other Android application, Alarm Clock 3 is not able to switch on your phone. This is a limit of the hardware.2. No Alarm when the device is in "deep sleep"-mode:Some devices (e.g. Archos tablets) have a deep sleep mode. Nothing will work in deep sleep, including alarms.3. Using task killers:Music Alarm Clock 3 only consumes power in case of an Alarm (media player) or when the screen is turned on. Nonetheless, if you use a task killer to bring down Music Alarm Clock 3 you should check your alarms afterwards. Some of the task killers are very efficient and turn off the alarm receivers of the applications as well.4. You cannot configure music alarms?Please click twice on the music button. With the first click you select „music“ for the alarm and with the second click you open the menu for choosing the music track.

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