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*Please stop the automatic update. *Please start the application program by one degree when you update it. Time guard "Alarmyu" at time teaches time. This is an alarm clockIt is possible to use it the alarm clock and even on business. The time input is very fast.200 alarm can be set.Display of the remainder time to alarmList of alarm time.List of alarm time.The widget displays the list of the alarm. Color change of Alarmyu.set todo.Random reproduction of music.(playlist , sdcard , internal storage music , artist)Time is acquired from the Google calendar. The alarm is set on a day of the week. more...Please let me scroll "Select" button below on about how to stop alarming.The group will acquire it for a fixed timeIt doesn't ring when erasing it by the task killerIt is an alarm to which the hand can be easily inputThe group acquires it at a certain constant timeVarious terminals exist, and, first, test operation in a free version, pleasePlease let me scroll "Select" button below on about how to stop alarming.

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