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BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!"Alert Assist" Apps (Basic and Plus) are Alert and Safety applications designed to keep you alert/awake, or to alert you, or to alert someone automatically for you, if you are incapacitated, in danger or if you need help. It is the mobile version of the "Dead Man's Switch" which is a switch that is automatically triggered in case the human operator becomes incapacitated, such as after an accident, kidnapping, or loss of consciousness. While similar apps already exist, they require you to manually send your SOS message or your location. How would you do this if you cannot move or if you are unconscious? "AlertAssist" watches over you. AlertAssist Apps run in the background, they monitor your device's idle time (inactivity). The user has full control over any functionality (on/off) and any setting (customizable intervals of time, alarm period, ringtones, volume, numbers, etc). "AlertAssist Basic" (Free): acts like a countdown timer that restarts to count every time the device is used, or if the device's screen is touched while the siren sounds. The timer has one countdown siren and one alarm siren. Failing to touch the device's screen while the countdown siren sounds, triggers off the alarm siren(louder). Failing to touch the device's screen while the alarm is going on, triggers an automatic alert, via text message (SMS) to any preset phone number of the user's choice (family, friend, neighbor...). The text message can contain any message or help request like "Call me" or "I need help" or "Check on me" or "Call 911 Please" or "Wake me up" or "Remind me of..." etc.**Use this version as a wake-up alarm, and alert someone to check on you if you do not wake up. Have a sick friend or Parent? Offer them this App to alert you if they need help. This is the perfect gift to your old grandparents too! -"AlertAssist Plus" ($0.99) is the paid version of this App. It adds more features and notification types: *Send automatic text message alert to multiple numbers at the same time, to alert several people (separate each number by a semi-colon (;) *Send an automatic email message to one or multiple email addresses (separated each email address by a semi-colon ;) *Send your location automatically by MMS, based on GPS or cellular towers position tracking. *Lock the App with a PIN code of any length and character type. The App and cannot be disabled/turned off without the PIN code. *Shake your phone to launch the alerts and skip the time counter. This functionality can now be turned on/off.**Use this version as described in the versions above, or during any lone sport activity to alert someone in case you're lost or have an accident. Give this App to your kids when they are playing outside, or to teenagers going out. *This application should NOT be used as a primary call for help method. Neither the developers or Google will be responsible if the application fails to send the alerts or mapping errors. It is your responsibility to ensure your safety. This is a supplemental aid only and can be wrong, fail to operate correctly, crash, or in some other way not work as intended. We try to make the app work in the best manner possible. However there are no guarantees made. Phone signal may vary due to cellular network coverage in your home or area, or some environmental factors. Some features, such as sending out an automatic email, may not be available in the absence of a Data Plan, 3G or Wifi networks. Phone or mobile device with Google Android® or Apple iOS®, a Gmail account (free) or an Apple ID(free), and an active cellular plan, and/or Data Plan necessary to access some of the Apps' functionality. Alert Assist and Alert Assist+ are software tools, CONSCENDO CORPORATION does not claim, provide or offer any warranty or take on any responsibility for the use of any of its products or services. If able, users should always call emergency services when they need help.

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