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It’s good to be the curve wrecker.If you’re in Algebra I or II, this application will help you beyond your highest expectations. Rated 5/5 by (I Education Apps Review). Read the full review here: application contains a rich collection of examples, tutorials and solvers, crafted by a professional math tutor with over 20 years of applied mathematics and teaching experience. Please note that there are dozens of solvers, but there are not solvers for every topic. Algebra Pro covers:- Classifying Numbers- Points and Lines- Systems of Equations- Word Problems- Inequalities- Linear Programming- Direct and Inverse Variation- Simplifying Radicals- Polynomials- Zeros and End Behavior- Synthetic Division- Remainder Theorem- Factoring- Domains and Ranges- Compositions of Functions- Inverse Functions- Piecewise Functions- Quadratic Functions- Quadratic Formula- Rational Functions- Exponential Functions- Logarithms- Compound Interest- Graph Symmetry- Conic Sections- Binomial Expansion- Arithmetic Sequences- Geometric Sequences- Matrices- Complex Numbers- Rectangular and Polar NotationIf you like my app, please leave a review! If you don’t like my app, please email me with your constructive feedback!I welcome all comments, questions, and suggestions:lfeldman65@gmail.comI will answer your math questions for free on facebook: check out my other Android apps:ACT Math PrepCalculus ProFinite Math ProGeometry ProMath Pro (6 math apps for $1.99!)PreCalculus ProProbability ProSAT Math PrepStatistics Pro

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