Alice Clear (cache and History


"Description: Alice clear is an application which developed to clear your cache and history records in the device.The app also has long-running shortcut function. It can provide automatic clearing regularly on the basis of activating automatic clearing function which can maintain and keep your device in a perfect state in a long term.Features: ◆All Clear:Remove all the cache and historical records.◆cache Clear:Only remove the cache in your phone. ◆History Record Clear:Delete browsing record, searching record of G mail and Market, Google Maps as well as record in clipboard.◆Automatic Clear: Set deleting frequency to remove records regularly.◆Desktop shortcut function is provided.Support:In order to improve our apps, please feel free to contact us anytime by sending an email at """". Please let us know the problem, your phone model and version of Android you use. We are trying our best to solve the problems of our products and services to further improve it. Thank you for your support. "

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