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DeveloperGrokSoft Diversions
Added3 years ago
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Google Rating4.2
by On June 24, 2011
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Is it reigning aliens or is it raining aliens?Defeat the Aliens before they reign over humanity.A highly configurable Alien Shooter.Make the game as easy or as difficult as you want. It's completely up to you.A fun casual short Alien shooter. A diversion to kill a few minutes while waiting for whatever!Get ready for December 21st 2012 (122112)This games requires you to also install the free Adobe AIR library. This is done so this app can share the code in AIR, instead of having the same code duplicated on the phone for every app that uses it.Thanks to for the jumpstart in developing Android Games.You can configure:The Player’s1) Fire Delay between shots.2) Laser Speed.3) Number of Lives in game.The Alien’s1) Rain Duration.2) Max number on screen at once.3) Speed Minimum.4) Speed Maximum.The Meteor’s1) Frequency of how often a meteor is created.2) Hits it takes to destroy.3) Speed it falls from the sky.The Device’s1) Accelerometer speed2) Accelerometer movement on/off3) Touch/Mouse movement on/off4) Wake Lock The game’s sounds1) Explosions on/off2) Laser Fire on/off3) All sounds on/off

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