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All Kinds of Everyday Convenience Functions + All Unit Converters + Anniversary,D-day Management (9 Types)= ◎★All Calculator★◎ =The All Calculator consists of 3 tabs, consisting of everyday convenience calculations, all kinds of unit converters, and D-day management functions each of which is nothing short of an app by itself.★ Everyday Convenience Calculators ★Full Collection of Most Frequently Calculations Everyday!! ◎ General Calculator A general calculator which supports portrait/landscape mode ◎ Ovulation Day Calculator Enter menstrual period start date and period to compute 1st, 2nd, 3rd ovulation days and fertile period, and the next menstrual period start date. ◎ Obesity Calculator Calculate BMI from height and weight, measure obesity. ◎ Convert Solar, Lunar Calendar Lunar Calendar <-> Solar Calendar Converter ◎ Saving Interest Calculate interest and expiry allowance with the conditions of saving, installment saving, simple interest, monthly compounded interest, months and such ◎ Discount Calculator Calculate XX% discounted amount, or how many % is calculated for XXX ◎ Quit-Smoking Management Display how many days have passed, how much has been saved, how many cigarettes have been avoided by setting the start date for quitting smoking. ◎ Building (Apartment) Area CalculatorSimple calculation of pyeong <-> m² ★ Unit Converter ★Enter an amount in a certain unit, and see it converted to all other units in that same category. ◎ Lengthmillimeter (mm), centimeter (cm), meter (m), yard (yd), kilometer (km), inch (in), feet (ft), mile (mi) - Below are omitted due to matter of space. ◎ Area ◎ Weight ◎ Volume ◎ Temperature ◎ Pressure ◎ Speed ◎ Mileage ◎ Data★ Anniversary Manager ★No matter how much you make up your mind, you always miss the D-day, and why are there so many anniversaries after all? And how many days has it been; what is today, when is the 100th day, when is the 1000th day…Take care of all of them at one shot with the Anniversary Manager. ◎ How to Use 1. Initially, there are 9 stamp-shaped buttons. Each button has a title below, where you can register your own anniversaries. 2. Press the corresponding button to input and save the title, which will be immediately reflected on the title of the initial screen. 3-1. Enter the anniversary with the Setup button to show how many days have passed from the set date – 50th, 100th, 150th, 200th, 300th, 500th, 1000th, 2000th and such are immediately calculated and shown in full date format. 3-2. In case the registered date is still upcoming, it automatically recognizes it as a D-day instead of an anniversary, and displays how many days are left until that day. 4. You can register up to 9 dates, and after the registration, you can view all information just by clicking each button.★ Required Specifications for Installation Android 2.1 or higherKW: Everyday android Convenience Functions Function Unit percentage amazon ebay Converters Converter D-day Management Ultimate Calculators kalkulator all simple promotion shopping deal Ovulation Ovulation Day menstrual fertile Obesity BMI weight measure Lunar bestbuy Solar Saving Interest Discount amount Quit-Smoking Smoking Display walmart cigarettes Building Apartment Area pyeong Length Area Weight Volume scientific coupon coupons Temperature Pressure savvy Speed Mileage Data Anniversary walmart list

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