Almost Smart Cover – DEMO


*** This is DEMO version ***This is Almost Smart Cover.This application uses proximity sensor to turn on/off your device’s screen. Meaning, if you have a sort of cover, it will be like iPad2’s smart cover.Main Feature:1. Uses phone’s cover (if available) to turn off and on screen.2. Just putting the phone into pocket will turn off the screen, and vice versa.3. Provides simple widget to enable/disable the feature temporarily.4. Can set turn off delay time to prevent unwanted screen off.* NEW FEATURE1. Option to show/hide notification when started. – NOT INCLUDED IN DEMO2. Auto start when booted. – NOT INCLUDED IN DEMO3. Vibrate when screen is turned off. – NOT INCLUDED IN DEMO4. Register disable application. When these application is running, the sensor will be disabled. In demo, only one application can be registered.** All of the above features will be configured in Settings ***** DEMO Feature ***It has limited number of activation counts. (30 times)

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