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"What happens when you merge the comic, the superhero and the mafia in a mobile game? That your Android becomes a great form of entertainment and meeting people. Alter Ego is a Social Game development that aims to revolutionize the way we fun through the mobile phone. " There's a fine line between hero and rebel. Regardless of your alignment, you will tempted to pass it! Let's see if you stand! Important note: This is an ongoing project so it will be interesting for those wanting to enter or continue in the Entertainment Industry and those who wish to contribute or invest in the development of Alter Ego. Purchase involves obtaininga final gaming license and a permanent premium account for free. Give us a hand to build a game that will revolutionize how we have fun thanks to our Android and allow us to redefine the concept of social games. Find in thestreet at the bar or even on the subway other Alter Egos allies or enemies and it will be a perfect way to have fun and meet new friends. Take a look at is this? ... This is not a final application but an Android project that will give the ability to play and meet people by Alter Ego. This is an initiative for those who like us conception of mobile tech: we believe on The Android Project and that games must be used to approach each other. If you think the same thing download the application, take a look at what is running and know more about the world of Alter Ego in If you like and want to give us a hand in building The Jewel of Social Game for Android devices follow instructions within the application to invest in the project ... We've already reward your support and now the final application will be free for you with the premium type once finished and downloaded. Put it down and if you're like us willing to contribute to the development of games from We all will make now and make history. Enter the Entertainment Industry as investor, engineer, artist, musician, manager or game designer. Together we will make it profitable and all participants will obtain benefits. Starting here we mark the limits! Go Androids! <<< The Universe of Alter Ego >>>The Universe of Alter Ego is created when our society faces critical imbalances caused by the collapse of various celestial bodies on a mass level on almost every part of the world. These meteorites have strange properties that can be used to improve the quality of life for citizens of the world, but as in any coin, history has both sides. Technology and science advance extremely fast. The discovery of new materials and their unique properties are leading to new applications and devices capable of performing activities that once we were unthinkable. New components that regenerate and alter our DNA,superconducting materials, Powerful and potentially inexhaustible energy sources ... infinite applications and rapid pace of progress. The first wave of meteorites ago was about a couple of decades. New celestial hordes are invading our cities and towns, causing severe damage and prompting the emergence of unrest and organized groups. The already powerful groups like The Koga Black Dragons are increasingly getting stronger and the stability of our civilization is complicated. While we operate as usual, have to get used to the incessant bickering, power outages, theft or strange phenomena. As time has passed we have been learning more and more of the properties dropped items. Embryos exposed to the cortex of some of the bodies as Galileo-188, dropped in southern Europe, are born with strange abilities conductive on thermal and light energy, called The Sons of Light. This phenomena repeated in different geographical areas where these bodies have fallen. Those exposed to fragmented nuclei of some of the heavenly bodies as DRK23 DRK98 or have presented the ability more:

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