AlwaysOnPC is a ‘virtual PC-in-the-cloud’ with desktop-class apps: Run CHROME browser (or Firefox) with Extensions (e.g. Adblock, screenshot, etc.) JAVA-applets* & Flash Player; OpenOffice suite (LibreOffice too!), DROPBOX & more from your Android device!This product includes a one year license to use AlwaysOnPC for a single user.(Note:does not support sound or full motion video yet)★★★★★ "Needs some updating it is absolutely an amazing purchase…" Dan (February 21, 2012)★★★★★ "Great app Can play runescape well and all around works well." Jacob (March 9, 2012)★★★★★ WARNING BEST APP EVER!… AWESOME!!- nathanial (July 8, 2011)★★★★★ Un-fing-believeable! This is hands down THE BEST app…Awesome!-by- (July 3, 2011)Do everything you can do on your Laptop on your Android device with this amazing app: ▶ OPENOFFICE and LibreOffice Suite, with Dropbox: open, edit, save Microsoft Office documents with features such as:★ WORD docs (Writer)  ★ POWERPOINT (Impress) ★ EXCEL Spreadsheet (Calc)————————-        ————————–       —————————➢ Font size shape etc ➢ Template/slide-master ➢ ’DataPilot’ pivot tables➢ Spelling, Grammar ➢ Drawing, graphics tools ➢ Sort, Filter, Group, Subtotals➢ Revision tracking   ➢ Animations & transitions ➢ Macros & Extensions➢ Tables & columns  ➢ Callouts and flowcharts ➢ 2D & 3D Charts➢ Mail-merge, macros ➢ Table design templates ➢ Split and Freeze panes➢ Export / CONVERT to PDF from .doc .xls .ppt PNG, JPG, TIFF and lots more!▶ ‘Desktop’ Google CHROME & FIREFOX Browser, + Extensions/Addons like: ➢Evernote Web Clipper ➢Yahoo! Toolbar  ➢ Adblock ➢Xmarks / Lastpass  ➢Zotero  ➢Screenshot plus  ➢Stylish  ➢ Springpad & tons more!▶ Java-applets (Note: App does not support audio or streaming video yet):Run these Java-applet games virtually on AlwaysOnPC from your Android device: ➢ Runescape ➢ PartyPoker / EuroPoker ➢ Pogo games ➢ BNSF ➢ Unimatic… and tons more! ▶ Flash & Productivity sites[Note: App does not support audio or streaming video yet]No flash support on your Android? No problem: Run Flash virtually through AlwaysOnPC App (no plug-in needed!) and use sites like these: ➢ Prezi – Create & edit! ➢ Adobe,, ➢ SlideRocket (Create,edit & host)  ➢ Zoho ➢ Yahoo Web Hosting & tons more!▶ Flash Games / entertainment:(Note: App does not support audio or streaming video yet) ➢ Facebook Flash Games like Zynga Poker, Chefville, Mafia wars, etc. ➢ Club Penguin, Webkinz, Animal Jam, etc. ➢, BlueMountain, . ➢ Bigpoint Darkorbit & tons more!▶ Upload/download super fast via your virtual PC (with Dropbox access) to sites like: ➢ SlideShare ➢ SlideShark ➢ Webex ➢ GoToMeeting ➢ Fuze etc.Even more apps included:★ Adobe Reader – View PDFs, fill & save forms, Markup, annotations & more!★ InkScape drawing (.SVG, import Adobe Illustrator files)★ Gimp – for edit, crop and retouch photos & images like GIF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF etc.More reasons why customers love AlwaysOnPC: ➤ Super fast opening online files & email attachments: ➤ Copy and paste between Office applications and the photo editor, drawing program, email and more ➤ Included storage: 2 GB of online disk space to store your files ➤ Dropbox pre-installed (Tip: use Selective Sync to keep it under 2Gb)➤ Connections are fully encrypted for your security Note:App does not yet support audio or full-motion video – these improvements coming soon!Note:App requires Android 2.0 or higherRegistration required for use (and confirmation of email).Requires an active 3G or WiFi network connection to run*Hosted virtual PC with remote access,similar to gotomypc, logmein, vnc, teamviewer, splashtop etc.You can try a FREE simulator of Always On PC for free from your PC/Mac – visit our website! CUSTOMER SUPPORT CANNOT RESPOND TO REVIEWS – if you need help email

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