Amazing Scary Display


Halloween is coming. New Halloween version of scary app contains two new images of ‘scary’ pumpkins with classic Jack-o’-Lantern being one of them. Use them to play some "Trick of treat" on others :DMake fun out of your friends with this amazing scary screen application. Just run it, select the image you wish to appear, the delay after which to act and the type of trigger and give someone your phone and then wait for a response. Do not forget to increase the volume. The application contains few different horrow images and a few random sounds.The best options is to set the timer to max value and then run some game that needs a concentration. After the selected time the scary image will appear. Just make sure then the person that’s holding the phone will not drop it on something hard and therefore will not break your phone.This app is similiar to the amazing broken display application. If you like this one you might as well try the broken display.The application itself is absolutely useless, but you can have fun with it. If you enjoyed it then please post a good rating. If you haven’t then please include what I could change to make it better.Scary art and media by Alex Bird.

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