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This is a AMD CPU calculator to help figure out the clock speeds when changing the HTT/FSB or CPU/HTT Multipliers. Depending on your hardware your results may vary slightly, but should be very close! Please check out for advice or help with overclocking your AMD or Intel PC! This was designed to be a tool to assist you with changing your bios settings on your AMD based PC or Laptop!You can plug in your multiplier, HTT/FSB, Mem, etc and it will calculate what speeds your system would be running at. You can save these settings, add a small "note to self" and check the Worked, Failed, or Unteseted box for future reference! This is only a tool to help with calculations and storing settings! This app will not overclock your PC for you! These settings should be used at your own risk! Please visit our website for tips and tricks to help with overclocking your PC!

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