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Designed primarily for Asian & Spanish ESL.American Wordspeller & Phonetic Dictionary ESL."Find Your Word by the Way it Sounds".Some examples on how you might spell these words below (up to 25 misspellings per word):Asian example:• city = You could type in…siti or site or sete…to find ‘city’• knowledge = You could type in…nolege or nolige or naulej…• law = You could type in…lau or low or loh…Spanish example:• jump = You could type in…llomp or yomp or iomp…to find ‘jump’• jubilee = You could type in…llubili or yubili or jiubili…• gentle = You could type in…llental or yental…Simply type in your word by "how it sounds to you". Find any word in the dictionary phonetically. NO spelling RULES required. Type the first 2-3 letters YOU THINK your word starts with into the search bar. If there are too many choices…add a 4th or 5th letter to narrow your search. Do not attempt to type in your entire word please, just a few letters. FOUR RESOURCE TOOLS IN ONE~Very brief definitions. ~Cross Reference Words: If your word sounds or is spelled like another word they will be cross-referenced. Examples, did you mean:• petal/ pedal/ peddle• metal/ meddle/ medal/ mettle/ middle• carrot/ caret/ karat/ carat• immigrant/ emigrant~Suffix Speller – root word spelled out with all suffix endings attached. Example: ‘mad’ = madder, maddest, madden, maddening, maddeningly, madly, madness~Prefixes listed along with their definition. Example: satisfied = dis (for dissatisfied) / un (unsatisfied)*This app does not require internet connection! Few proper nouns listed.* Activate "VoiceOver" on your iOS device to hear word + definition pronounced.*This app will receive steady updates resultant of user feedback. Please submit requests for changes, questions or problems to our support team at:support@wordspeller.uswww.wordspeller.usAuthor: Diane FrankTranslator: Chris CarpyApp Designer: Clark Rinker

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