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Amnesia – Ch 2 – No Escape

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CategoryBrain & Puzzle
DeveloperRed Rage Gaming
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Google Rating4.5
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Point and click mystery adventure escape game.The story unfolds. You awoke in your locked office with a sore empty head. You escape and little by little you're memory returns as you uncover the puzzle pieces of what went before. Murder, blackmail, secrets untold. Will you ever escape? Is there no escape? Continue your adventure to uncover what really happened at Henry's party and who you really are.7 new locations to explore. Charge your braincells and jump in to the adventure, Amnesia - Chapter 2 - No Escape.Not played Chapter 0 or 1? Try the short demo 'Amnesia - Chapter 0 - Awake' now for free!'Amnesia - Chapter 1 - Jeffreys Mystery' also available.Amnesia - Chapter 2 - No Escape is a point and click mystery adventure game by Red Rage Gaming.Red Rage Gaming is an indie developer who pines over old classic "point and click" adventure games. Disillusioned with the 1 dimensional predictability of modern escape games and adventure games, he took to learning Java, Android and Game developing in his spare time. He dreams of making a big enough success of it to one day "give up the day job".Favourite Review:Amnesia - Chapter 1 - Jeffreys Mystery"Brock, June 29th 2012""Good game, blah to price haters, its $1.60Better than burger at Mc'D's and lasts longer in a positive way....ever write your own software or app??? I haven't, I hire a team. This is one guy, give em a break...he responded personally for service requests... ugh a buck sixty.... we are spoiled at best. Good game, need more"Enjoy The Secret of Grisly Manor, Lost City, The Passenger, Mystique?Red Rage Gaming's goal is to join this illustrious company of mobile point and click adventure gaming.Red Rage Gaming also recommends:The Secret of Grisly ManorThe Lost CityThe PassengerMystique 1,2,3

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