Amy Jo Berman


As an actor, don’t you wish you had your own personal Casting Director that you could ask for advice whenever you needed it to help you book more acting jobs?Amy Jo Berman is that Casting Director and with this app, it’s like having a seasoned, veteran Casting Director and Audition Expert who actually cares about you and is passionate about helping you succeed as an actor in your own back pocket.This app will give you:* Secrets and strategies to help you NAIL YOUR AUDITIONS and book more jobs.* Instant access to video audition tips to help you book more jobs.* Audio audition and acting tips from inside the mind of one of Hollywood’s most awarded Casting Directors that are designed to help you book more jobs.* Acting career advice to help you book more jobs and create a long and successful acting career in film & television. * Firsthand knowledge of events and happenings that could bring your career to the next level and help you book more jobs.* Basically, anything that can help YOU as an actor BOOK MORE JOBS. PERIOD.

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