Analog Weight Scale


Analog Weight ScaleAnalog / Retro / Steampunk Weight Scale – use this lifelike antique pocket scale app on your phone to simulate weighing objects!This is a prank/gag app to rig the weighing of objects on a touch screen device. There are truly many uses for a pocket scale app! Supports both grams and ounces!Reacts to the touching pressure on your phone’s screen to display weight on a lifelike analog dial – also works with multi-touch!Calibration of the weight sensor is possible in the settings menu.Supply a preset weight in the settings menu to rig measurements and trick your friends and family. Simulate weighing anything on your phone or tablet in both ounces and grams, e.g.: cannabis, weed, cocaine or jewelry. Be careful not to put something too heavy on your phone / tablet’s screen or to scratch it!* Can install to SD Card on Android 2.0* Calibrate touch pressure* Supports Grams and Ounces* Supports tables and Android 3.0 / Honeycomb* 420

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