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Andingo combines Slots, Bingo and the strategic placement of Wild Cards and Free Spaces in this full 20 round version of the game.Simply click the tile with the number that matches the tile in the bottom row. Use the Wild feature by selecting any tile in the column above it. When a row of Free Spaces appear on the bottom row select any SINGLE tile on the board. As a Bonus, Free Rounds do not count as one of your 20 rounds!Game Play:- Tiles with a black background are unselected. – Tiles with a grey background are selected but not in a Bingo. – Green tiles are in Bingo rows.- Free space selections do not count as a round. – Select Next Round when all of your selections are made. Scoring- Bingos are worth more early in the game. A first round bingo is worth 20,000 points, a 10th round bingo is worth 10,000 and a 20th round bingo is work 1,000 points- The Blackout Bonus give 10,000 points for each unused round.- To reset the high score. Go to Home->Settings->Applications->Manage Applications-> Andingo -> Clear Data.StrategyAdapt your own style balancing early round bingo scoring with the ultimate reward of an early Blackout Bonus. Note: The application was made with Google App Inventor. Google App Inventor does not provide a feature to move the program to the SD card yet.We see many successful installs of our game. If you get a force close it may be your phone. Providing a low rating for a free game you never played is bad karma.

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