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Android File Manager application is the Android Explorer. Multi-select feature has been improved. ● Explorer (File Manager) - Introducing the top menu ▷ HOME Go to the top of the Root Path of smart devices. ▷SDCARD Go to the top path of external storage space on the SD card. ▷ Up Move to the top of the folder. ▷ BACK Move to the previous folder. (The same equipment and features of the Back button) ▷ GALLERY Go to the location, cameras and video files are saved . ▷ DOWNLOAD Go to the location, downloaded files are stored on the Internet ▷ REFRESH Refresh the page. ▷ RESET SEARCHSearch mode when the button is activated. Button is pressed, the search is initiated. - Introducing the top multi menu▷ Copy▷ Move▷ Delete▷ Compress▷ Select all▷ Unselect all▷ Paste▷ Exit multi menu- Introducing the bottom menu ▷ ADD FOLDER Create a new folder in the path. ▷ SEARCH search queries entered in the appropriate folder, and proceed. ▷ Quick Links▷ SYSTEM INFORMATION Move to the System Information page. ▷ SETTINGS introduction, app settings, go to System Settings page. ▷ Run Camera▷ Run Gallery▷ Run Music player▷TASK MANAGER Run Android Task Manager or Go to market. ▷ APP MANAGER Run Android App Manager or Go to market. ▷ NOTEPAD Run NOTEPAD or Go to market. ● Real-time Process- Real-time memory, CPU information- Task execution capabilities- End Task function● System Information (System info) - Battery information (battery temperature - Celsius, Fahrenheit) battery life history information battery usage information - Ram Information (Total, Used, Available) - Internal storage space information (Total, Used, Available) - External storage space information - SD Card (Total, Used, Available) - CPU status information - System / platform information ● Settings - Android File Manager Overview Android File Manager provides introductions and a brief guide - Android File Manager Settings set the status bar set the background theme Option Services shortcut links - Frequently used part of the instrument settings volume control the screen brightness wireless network set my location (network, GPS) Bluetooth Settings language set the date and time ● Home screen widget - Widget Update Time Adjustable- Widget Theme(Yellow, Red, Black)- Internal Storage / External Storage Info(2×1)- Battery status(1×1)● Plug-in Text ViewerImage ViewerNOTICE ☆ If you do not know about the Android file system, you do not move or delete files. Be especially careful to use application.Android platform 2.1(Eclair) supportAndroid platform 2.2(Froyo) supportAndroid platform 2.3(Gingerbread) supportAndroid platform 2.3.3 supportAndroid platform 3.0(Honeycomb) supportAndroid platform 3.1 supportAndroid platform 4.0(Icecream sandwich) supportAndroid platform 4.1(Jelly Bean) supportAndroid platform 4.2 support

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