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The best Android Task Killer : speed up phone, free memory and save battery ! Android Task Killer Free is the free version of Android Task Killer and contains ads. – Easy to use- Simple black list configuration- Kill all or kill selected- Auto kill tasks at a given frequency – Kill at midnight- Kill when the screen turns off (preserve foreground task)- Uninstall app- Show details- Widget- Quick access from anywhere- Show size and install dateThere are many task killer or task manager in the Android Market. Android Task Killer is very easy to use. The automatic configuration at first launch makes it more easy to use than others. By default, Android Task Killer (ATK) will not kill system apps installed on the phone system partition. You can choose to change this default behaviour i you don’t want several useless application to be running all the time : the camera, the Android Market, … Like other Task Manager, Android Task Killer allow you to uninstall a running application or can bring it to front if you want to return to it.You can you the widget to kill task on demand and to free ram on your device before playing popular game available in the Android Market.Android Task Killer can act silently and automatically to maximize battery usage. You can tell Android Task Killer to kill task automatically when your phone go into sleep mode (on screen off) or set a frequency at which it will kill running tasks. Moreover, Android Task Killer is able to kill running tasks every night at midnight to help your phone consume less battery during the night.If any problem, please send feedback to us to get help rather than voting 1 star !Keywords :task killer, taskiller, appkiller, taskkiller, task kill, task manager, task panel, taskpanel, app killer, app killer, app kill, app uninstaller, app remover, save battery, battery saver, free memory, free up memory, free up ram, ATK, ATM, ATMGR, startup kill, app closer

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