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SPECIAL PRICE!SALE until next update!Please Read completely! Usability warning on bottom!App is english or german. Depending on your device language.This is an improved version of our fully JAVA-Based Freeflight App for your Parrot AR.Drone. It is currently in growing development.If you buy this App you support further development of AR.Drone-Software based on our work as we release our SDK to developers.Further you support development of this specific App along of course.Please consider spending this few cents (or similar in your currency) into our development. There are not only many hours of programming work and even more of interpreting and experimenting with the AR.Drone communication but is also cost for replacement parts, server capacities etc on our side. One Euro doesn't hurt for you but does help us.The advantage of our App in comparison to other is that we develop the API to talk to the Drone again but in native JAVA. So we can assure stability and compatibility with Android at a maximum level.This is a very early prerelease for testing purposes. We ask you to report back if it works, what is not working correctly and what you want to have in the final release of our app.This version is capable of fully controling flight-directions and turning as well as flight-height.At the moment it is a singletouch application, meaning you can only do one action at the same time.We are in active development! Visit our Website for more information.We ask you to send us some Information about your tryout. read this: just visit our Homepage and click "Early Tester"Improvements against basic version:-FlightHeight-display-ImageStream-record-function (near to video)You will need an AdHoc-Capable Device to use this!You can find some information on AdHoc-Connections on our website, too!Further you need an Parrot AR.Drone.Check if you can connect to it before buying.And SlappyMcAssSmack, support is available! Just EMail us! See below!

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