AndS3 is an mp3 player that streams music from your personal Amazon S3 cloud storage.WARNING: this app uses a lot of bandwidth. Make sure you have a good flatrate or you check the "wifi only" option.Comments and feedback are welcome.Featuresplays in backgroundsupports coverartsLastFM supportplay random albumcaches locally trackssupports huge music collectionsparty modeadd automatic cache managementHow to use AndS3Install AndS3 from the Android Market and start itgo to the settings menuadd your S3 credentialsadd bucket name and optionally a path prefixclick on Fetch indexwait for completionenjoyFile structureAndS3 does not read mp3 metadata; instead it retrieves the artist/album/track information from the folder structure and the filename itself.Here’s an example of file tree: /music/Goran Bregovic/Underground/01 – Kalashnjikov.mp3/music/Goran Bregovic/Underground/02 – Ausencia.mp3/music/Goran Bregovic/Underground/03 – Mesecina Moonlight.mp3…/music/Astor Piazzolla/Adiós Nonino/cover.jpg/music/Astor Piazzolla/Adiós Nonino/04 – Lo Que Vendrà.mp3 TODOssupport media keys

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