Angry Frogs – ADSFREE


*** More than 7000 levels ***Help frogs to destroy evil snakes!!Need the SDCARD!- LEVEL EDITOR- 13 frogs powers- Single Level highscores and ratings- Top Player Highscores- BEINTOO!!Try the Full Free Version before purchasing:The ONLY difference is that this version is ADSFREE.No data will be lost if you are already playing with Angry Frogs Free. You can SAFELY uninstall the free version before purchasing this one and your highscores won’t be lost if you are using a device with an SDCARD (Highscore are saved on your SDCARD). If your device has not a SDCARD follow the procedure below for the Beta Users.If you still have the Beta version please follow this steps:- VERY IMPORTANT: USE THE SAME USERNAME YOU USE IN THE BETA VERSION, if you don’t remember it just click the highscore button in the main menu and look the last line.- PLAYER MODE: 1. in the BETA version click the update button in the level menu. 2. in the final release click again the update button in the level menu and let in both cases the procedure finish. 3. If you have never clicked the update button in the level menu and unistall the app ALL you highscore will be lost. 4. To be sure to not lose your data just wait to unistall the beta untill all the highscores are correctly inside the final release.- EDITOR MODE: 1. All uploaded levels can be retrieved just clicking the update button in the editor menu. 2. If you are working on a level finish and upload it before unistalling the beta.***by Jeremy (February 12, 2011)I think it’s alot better than angry birdsby Nick (February 5, 2011)Forget the haters, this is a worthwhile application. Level editor FTW!by Charles (January 29, 2011)If u play this game u trisha (January 25, 2011)Im soo addicted ….. An my kids love it to …by Damian (January 17, 2011)Much better now that graphics and performance will (January 17, 2011)This game is awesome!! :D***Help the frogs to destroy the evil snakes.Use your finger to load the slingshots and destroy all the snakes using frogs different powers.Good alternative to Angry Birds.Main characteristics:1) 13 frogs powers (7 unique and 6 frogs with combined powers).2) Possibility to shot with more slingshots at the same time (up to 2 cause to android input limit).3) LEVEL EDITOR!!4) Single Level highscores and ratings.5) Top players highscores.Try the LEVEL EDITOR, create your level, play it instantly and see the world come to life!!!Upload the level and let other users play it!!Enjoy!!

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