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LIMITED OFFER! LIMITED OFFER! LIMITED OFFER!!! This application will only be available on the market for a limited time!!(Note to reviewers: Read the info below before reviewing. Remember; 1. Proceeds go to charity. 2. The app is not yet fully ported to Android! If I see anyone reviewing without taking this into account, I will ID-lock out your phone for any future products from us of any kind!) WHAT (WHO?) IS ANGRY HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN?-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-An angry, disgruntled 3D pumpkin with unsurpassed A.I. that simply answers your questions, interacts with you, searches the web, runs your apps and sends mails by voice command, and can even predict your future!Be amazed at this pumpkin's incredible speech recognition driven by Google Android (= internet connection required),and its horrible text to speech hacked up by an actor in a few days.THIS VERSION INCLUDES:* 7 Crazy 3D backgrounds! (And more to come!)* More lines, better AI, and soon exiting new features! (Prank Mode, hint hint... )* 1100+ Word Vocabulary!NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW!As of 28/10, all future (Full Version) apps from MTS FreeStyle will be FREEEEE!That's right - we don't like paying money eighter (I know I don't). Instead, I will implement TapJoy as an alternative revenue system. The full version of this app will be switched from paying to completely free before Halloween!TapJoy enables you to earn in-game credits by performing simple tasks like donwloading a partner product, or beating a certain level in a game, which you can then use to buy or unlock virtual goods within the host appliction. This app contains;UPDATE 12/11!This app now includes:- All backgrounds unlocked! (7 in total)Current issues that will be fixed before Halloween:- Returning from Store or resuming from pause mangles up Field Of View due to bug in Android'sOpenGLES 1.0 implementation itself- Missing words- Genetic Algorithm implemention regularly reverting to default "did not understand" upon over-taxing.Other issues mail at:* BEFORE RATING THIS APP! *-Please note that;1. If you own a chinese "Aple iFoon" phone made out of wood, and this app doesn't work for you, you should blame it on being cheap and not the app.2. The profits of this app go to a good cause (to be announced along with a Reality Production's title currently under development) so each star lessis potentially bad karma...3. There's e-mail for issues. Use it.4. It is like a BETA, improvements are guaranteed, but the presence of issues are too.TIPS:- We observed most people ask the pumpkin; "who is God" and "who is the president"- The pumpkin is very angry, but never swears, so please don't swear at it, you might hurt its feelings!- The pumpkin is so stubbourn, he will decide himself what your name is, and remember it in the future!String of random words to improve findability;Artificially inteligent artificial intelligence, angry as a bird, or birds for that matter (ie. 'angry birds'), is hotter in the head than a prepubescent pre-teen girl (or 'mini chick') put in a steam ing-hot girl toaster without shut-off valve, tethered by a tethering wire and powered by a power-and-battery saving generator built by Google, IBM, Sony (tm) (makers of Playstation (tm) and crusading against emulators), Nintendo (tm) (makers of Legend of Zelda (tm), Super Mario Bros. (tm), Metroid (tm) and the DS/3DS, also fighting NES & SNES emulators and their authors) and the electrical engineering dept. of Youtube (tm) while simultanously censoring R-rated pornographical material from the internet (called 'Pr0n' in internet slang). Unlike "The Simpsons" (tm), The Flinstones (tm) contains the word "Gay" in its opening themesong. The old-English word means "Happy", as in "What a Gay day it is for all sexes!"

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